8 Aug


My daughter, her boyfriend, and I headed down to Gilroy this weekend. My cousin had booked us a room in the La Quinta motel there, because her granddaughter was getting married. That was a fabulous opportunity, to get to know my extended family better and help celebrate a new union.

But that’s not what I wanted to tell you.

This is:

We had to check out of our room at noon on Sunday, but the wedding wasn’t scheduled until 5 pm. So we packed our stuff, checked out, and headed out for lunch. Then we returned to the motel and sat at the picnic table outside my cousin’s room. Since she was staying another night, she still had her room.

My cousin’s room was adjacent to the motel laundry. I noticed the female workers cleaning the rooms, pushing the heavy housekeeping carts, and dropping the sheets from the second-floor balcony. Another worker sorted the linens and towels. These ladies worked tirelessly. Watching them, I realized I hadn’t left a tip for whoever cleaned the room where we stayed. I walked over to that room, 123, the door was ajar because the worker was inside. Knocked on the door, and when she answered, I handed her a five-dollar bill and told her I had forgotten to leave a tip. She smiled and thanked me. I returned to the picnic table.

A few minutes later, the worker came over to the table with my iPad in her hands. “You’re the one who stayed in Room 123, yes?” When I nodded, she handed me the iPad. “You forgot this!” It was my turn to smile and thank her.

I realized that if I had not made the effort to give her the measly five bucks, I wouldn’t have my six-hundred dollar iPad right now. Oh, she would’ve probably handed it in, and then the front desk would’ve put it in the lost and found until I claimed it. But that would require me to one, realize that it was missing, and then two, remember where I had left it.

But my memory has been failing me recently. This morning, my daughter informed me that I left my suitcase in the driveway. I guess I took it out of the car when we got home at nearly one in the morning, and then I forgot to bring it in the house. I’m fortunate that none of the night-freaks who prowl the streets helped themselves to my neglected luggage. And I’m very grateful for whatever Providence prompted me to reach out to the motel worker. Thanks for taking care of me.


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  1. Marla August 9, 2016 at 7:21 am #

    Thank you!!! I enjoy reading your Writings.

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