What just happened

9 Jun

Trying to clean up around the house. In the shed was an old tent, in a ripped bag, probably has parts missing. And a really old, ratty sleeping bag. A former friend had used it when he was camping out in my backyard, homeless, using drugs.

I wanted to throw the stuff in the trash. But the thought occurred that someone would want these items. I loaded them into the car and drove over by the dollar store, because I’ve seen many homeless people in the parking lot there.

Sure enough, as I turned into the lot, a woman who looked older than me was pushing a kid’s bicycle, with several bags hanging from the handle bars. The woman was wearing a black dress and black nylons. She was eating a candy bar.

I pulled up next to her, slowly, rolled the window down and politely asked her if she would like a tent, not in the best shape but a tent nonetheless. She stopped and exclaimed, “oh, yes, how did you know?”

I offered her the sleeping bag, and asked her where to put them. She indicated a shady spot under one of the many spindly trees scattered about the parking lot, so she could “load them up” in the shade. She thanked me profusely, expressing genuine gratitude.

I put the stuff in the shade and she rolled the bicycle over. I have no idea how she was going to load everything onto that bike.

Driving away, I wondered  about life. Why do I have a car, and so much stuff I’m giving some away, and yet the next human is pushing a bicycle, grateful to take my trash?


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